The End of an Era

Last chance to order fudge and caramel before we take an extended sabbatical!

Dear customers and friends,

For seven years, you have faithfully and enthusiastically supported Slickepott’s endeavor to make the most delicious dessert sauces in the world (if we can say so ourselves).  Whether you have purchased online, at festivals, or from your favorite neighborhood shop, we truly appreciate your patronage. The greatest joy of being in this business has always been seeing the smile on the face of someone tasting Slickepott.

But, as it says in Scripture, for everything there is a season. The Lord has blessed us over the last few years with some incredible, non-chocolate opportunities and our focus is required elsewhere. It is my hope and sincere desire to restart the business in a few years hence with my soon-to-be bride Elizabeth, but the season has arrived for Slickepott to take an extended sabbatical.

We will be producing a limited final run of chocolate and caramel. If you want to stock up on Slickepott before we go into hibernation, please place your order by June 15, 2015. Remember that the shelf life of the fudge sauce may be extended almost indefinitely by refrigeration, and that an unopened jar of caramel will likewise be perfectly tasty for far longer than you can keep your hands off of it: two years or so.

Slickepott has not been a solo venture; it never would have been possible without my family. My brother, Jacob, is responsible for the majority of our beautiful photography and for the various iterations of our website and print items. Since day-one, my parents have provided financial support, let me take over large portions of the house with boxes and boxes of supplies, and given me unconditional encouragement and love . . . not to mention a ton of time in the kitchen and on the road. My sister, Hannah, though, has been the soul of Slickepott for the last three years.  She has poured herself into every aspect of the business, from building our brand to filling orders.  I am deeply indebted to my family in so many ways, but especially for taking over the operations of the business in order for me to fulfill my dream of attending law school. Now, Hannah has been given the opportunity to fulfill her dream of studying chiropractic medicine, so we are giving thanks for God’s provision in every way.

We are grateful to you and to the Lord for the adventure this business has been for the last seven years, and we look forward to serving you again in the future.

Best regards,

Ian Lamont

Family Picture